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Spending your time with your dog can change your mood drastically even after a bad day. Cuddling session with dog helps to reduce stress and increase happiness. One of the scientific reason behind it is that playing with your dog can increases your brain’s levels of dopamine which is associated with pleasure.
The daily routine also improves as you go out with your dog and play with them. No doubt dogs are intelligent and also quite loyal. They can sense human feelings which helps in increasing the bond. With all such great moments, having a dog can be the best feeling
This Instagram account shows how having a dog is the best feeling ever.
1) Unconditional love
2) Waaay too early!
3) I know you're awake!
4) Everywhere a rainbow
5) When you can travel with your dog and explore things
6) When you can play after a tiring day.
7) Your dog can be the one who can listen to your bathroom singing skills.
8) That’s all you need after a tiring day at work.
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