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We all love our parents and our parents love us too but there are habits which both mom-dad hate about us and vice-versa. Talking to your Mom & Dad is an art, an art of diplomacy that you have to master. Patience, diplomacy, and listening skills are the key ingredients to make you successful.
So, here is the list of things every kid have to go through while talking to their Mom and Dad on phone:
1. The first thing you hear is not 'Hello', it is 'Khana khaya?'
Sometimes, Khaana khaya even can come before the ring of your bell (on your head). We are no less than them, whether we eat or not, we always do say YES because we don't have the energy to answer the question that will come after saying NO.
It is not a far-fetched thought but maybe someday my mom will start to call me 'Khana Khaya'.
2. When you have to call both your Mom & Dad separately
Yes, you only talk to your dad when you call him and vice-versa. Even if they are in the same room or same sofa, they cannot pass the phone. Why do we have to call them separately is a mystery that might be unsolved forever.
3. When you repeatedly keep saying 'Bye' but they keep on talking
Even when you have said 'Bye' three times, they are still talking about some distant cousin of yours who got a job. Now you try to become the diplomat and say "Ok, fine, I have to take a shower", they still ignore that and keep up with their never-ending tale.
4. When you have to pamper and balance both of their egos
If you call your mom first, your dad will be like "you are now financially indeendent now, why would you need me anymore?"
If you call your dad first, your mom will be like "khayr mera toh kya hi importance hai, main toh ghar ki naukrani hu".
5. When mom-dad bitches about one another!
After an age we become friends with our parents, which can have disadvantages too. These newly made friends are too friendly and this is when we start to realise, we are actually so freaking good in diplomacy.
6. The never-ending conversation about their office
Whether it is your mom or dad, if they are office goers, you will have to listen to their office politics. They will also talk about their forwarded Whatsapp jokes and then you will question your existence in this world.
Now, this list might make you negative but no, you are one hell of a positive person. You actually miss those bitter-sweet and annoying moments and call them everyday. You call them everyday not just to make sure they are ok but for this annoying conversation which makes you irritated.
Love is blind and love for mom and dad is utterly precious. We are all together in the pain!
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