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Old Monk is one of the most famous rum in India. It was launched on 19 December 1954 by Kapil Mohan. The rum is blended and aged for minimum of 7 years. It comes with a distinct vanilla flavour and nearly 42.9 % of alcohol content. The drink is also considered as a magical drink because of its health benefits.
The best thing about rum is that you can enjoy it and it can help you if carefully and moderately taken. It can surely do wonders for you like it soothes anxiety and helps with your sleeping mechanism too.
Let’s check out reasons why you should drink Old Monk
It is good for your heart and it is also proved to be a great remedy for peripheral heart disease and it also decreases the cholesterol level in the body.
Old Monk can act like a saviour when it comes to curing a common cold as it gives relief to your throat. It helps in fighting the bacteria that bring in the common cold with the help of anti-microbial properties in the rum.
Rum usually helps to lower the cholesterol level in the body and Old Monk is quite good blended rum. It helps to reduce the level of sugar in the body and also lowers the risk of diabetes.
If you are having muscle ache and general joint discomfort in your body, then Old Monk might help you relieve the pain. The rum helps to increase the bone mineral in the body.
Old Monk can also help to cure cancer and can also help decrease the risk of getting dementia.
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