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For years everyone is hearing about multiple stories on casting couch on Bollywood but we have rarely got verifications on that with few celebrities or big names in the industry.
On this rare occasion, Saroj Khan, one of the big names in Bollywood have come out to establish that casting couch is a reality but the way she normalizes the crime is way too preposterous to even think about.
One of the rare times when they are accepting the existence of casting couch, they are trying to normalize. There is no demeaning way to deal with such a sensitive issue.
How can Bollywood accept such a reality and do nothing about it?
How often do we see any eminent personality from the industry taking a stand against the heinous act? Whenever any media asks about casting couch, everyone tries to brush it under the carpet as if this is something not heard about at all. Apart from some of the big names like Ranveer Singh, Kangana Ranaut, Kalki Koechlin and Ayushmann Khurrana. We have only seen the industry talking about this issue like they have not faced and they have not heard any such stories as well.
The National Award winning choreographer, Saroj Khan confirms that the horrible takes we have heard about the film industry are rather true. After this statement, the twitter has gone furious too:
Renuka Chowdhary an outspoken Congress leader has said "Casting couch is taking away privileges from women and using it for your personal benefit or in lieu of any compensation. My dignity as a woman was taken away in parliament when PM spoke in a derogatory way".
Where is feminism and what about the equality every single human deserves be it of any gender?
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