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Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi while addressing the audience at Westminster Central Hall in London gave a sarcastic reply to a question.
PM Modi was speaking at the ‘Bharat ki Baat, Sabke Sath’ event. When one person from the audience asked PM Modi about the secret behind his energy, PM Modi said, “Kareeb-kareeb 20 salal se..daily…1 kg…2kg…gaaliyan khata hoon.” After PM Modi’s sarcastic reply, people sitting at the hall burst out laughing. People on social media also praised him for his sarcastic and witty reply. However, we as a person have also been into situations where we get ‘gaali’ in our day to day life.
Today we have listed times when parents used to give us 1kg.. 2kg gaaliyan every day.
#1 When you don’t fill water and keep the empty bottle in the fridge after drinking.
#2 When you ask to go out for a night out with friends
#3 When you think you can convince your parents for a trip to goa, however, all you get is 1kg… 2kg… gaaliyan.
#4 When you ask your father for few bucks to enjoy the party with friends.
#5 When you are late to work or school and you deny waking up in the morning.
#6 When you think of following your passion and do something that you love
Author - Amit Singh
Design Credits - Vikas Kakkar
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