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A career spanning over 24 years is not a joke and keeping the consistency shows his love for the game. What else justifies 200 test matches and 100 centuries of the man, legend, Sachin Tendulkar?
Starting as a 16-year-old debutant, Sachin Tendulkar went on to become the God of cricket. At the beginning, he started off with a reputation of hitting 326 not out once as a schoolboy. He was then known as the 'Little master' and he showed the world what dedication and talent can bring.
There are many, atleast everyone who follows cricket, who admire this person but there are lakhs and lakhs of people who regards him as God!
Here is how Twitter rejoice his victory as theirs:
The man is called as God just not because he hits balls at the best way but he has been consistent and always super humble about his success. Since the beginning of his career to till date, he has never been seen to be arrogant but did his job the best possible way one can think of. The player, the guardian, the friend and the motivator Indian cricket team has ever seen.
Tendulkar announced his retirement from all forms of the game in 2012 but he remains the guardian of the Indian Cricket team.
Did you know after being picked to play in Bombay's Ranji Trophy squad at the age of 14, the legend made record to become the youngest Indian batsman to score 100 runs on his debut in first-class cricket?
Even if you can't hear the chant but you surely are shouting Sachinnnnnnn............Sachinnn!
That is the kind of fandom he enjoys not only in the country but the world knows him.
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