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Scorching heat is here and the only way people deal with it nowadays is to by purchasing an air conditioner.However, soon they regret it as it makes the electricity bill a skyrocket.
So to deal with it, today we will let you know how you can say no to air conditioner by trying different ways to reduce electricity and save money.
Let’s check out the ways
1) Use blackout curtains
The best way to block sunlight is by using blackout curtains as it helps to dim outside noises and keep the temperature of home regulated.
2) Use cotton sheets
Switching your bedsheets is a good idea to freshen up a room and keep it cool. Using cotton sheets is a good idea as cotton stays warmer and keeps the bed cool.
3) Keep your blinds closed
The reason behind unwanted heat at your home is because people don’t usually keep their blinds closed. So to prevent heat and make your room or home, make sure your blinds are closed.
4) Go green
To make your surrounding cool, green up the indoors and outdoors. Plants and trees will help in lowering the temperature. You can plant trees like peepul or banyan along the boundaries of your home.
5) Switch to LEDs
If you are the one using incandescent bulbs and tubes, then most probably it can be a reason behind unwanted heat at home. Switch to LEDs as they use less electricity, keeps the room, use less electricity and have lower carbon emissions.
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