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On weekends if your roommate says "I am going home this weekend", the terror is real! The entire week you have planned about various things on weekend and now the only love of your life, your roommate is ditching you? Ok, how to get over the boredom that the empty house will give you?
And if you are bored amongst your friends! How do you still consider them as friends?
Friends exist to irritate you, not bore you!
So, here is the of random things that can kill your boredom for life:
1. Start making To-Do lists
It is a beautiful and fulfilling thing to do. You can go on and on about the things you didn't do for last 1-2 decade, or maybe since your birth. The thoughts that you have managed to keep relevant till date and still kept the hope alive that there will be one glorious day when those thoughts will transform into action.
2. Go to your toilet seat and sit there for hours
You can do a whole lot of things there: you can play online games, stalk your friends, family and exes, edit photos, etc.By the way, don't forget to plug in song to set the mood right while doing everything else.
3. Pop bubble wrap
You know it is the best feeling in the world and if you are OCD like me, the bliss is for real!
4. Breathe manually
If you are clueless about this, don't worry, you can be prepared to live your life alone for sometime.Okay, we breathe unconciously and now you have to breath consciously. See how long you can hold your breath and then release. Do this for sometime and see the magic.A small piece of information: This is also used by many as meditation.
5. Watch Youtube for hours
Never dissapoints, you will find an ocean out there. Keep digging and you will find a range of most informative to weirdest stuff in channels there.
6. Get into a bus and travel without any destination
Don't go lost!Understand the context. You can get into any bus and keep on going wherever it takes you but don't go too far that you get into trouble. Short journey can kill your boredom, focus!
7. Try to invent a word and give a unique definition to it
When you finally get the word and you find a definition of it as well, you will surely feel so proud of yourself. Don't just randomly define the word, listen to teh sound of the word you created and define accordingly.
8. Pick a dance number and try to dance like it
It is tough man and even though it is easy for you, you will still enjoy. So what's the harm?
You can do another thing as well, you can waste time on this page and feel happy. Sometimes its good to be like 'Bleh'!! It is therepeutic.
Don't make it a habit though! Ok, you can but be careful, you have office on Monday.
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