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Who isn't curious about life and thing out of our own planet!
Here, Sarah Hörst has found something extremely rare and amusing which are pieces of moon and mars.
For millenials, we have been trying to understand the universe and make sense of it. So whenever we find any information or findings outside Earth, we get excited beyond imagination.
Sarah posted the photo holding pieces of moon and mars on Twitter:
She is an Assistant Professor of Planetary Sciences at Johns Hopkins University. She specialises in planetary atmospheric hazes and more precisely the atmosphere of Saturn’s moon, Titan.
Sara posted the picture quoting "This is what my face looks like when someone lets me hold a piece of the Moon and Mars at the same time."
The primary evidence to associate meteorites to Mars is trapped gas bubbles in the rock. Little bubbles of the martian atmosphere are trapped which can be seen in the pictures as well.
Sure, you want to know where and how did she find it?
The martian meteorite landed on Earth when something might have smacked into Mars and through space, it fell all the way to Earth. The astrophysicians were quick to recognise that the rock is from Mars testing it's chemical composition and isotopes.
So, if you further have anymore question in the matter, you can ask her directly on Twitter.
The astrophysicist takes out time regularly for Twitter and answers common questions of people. For people who are a bit confused, the black one is the Martian piece and the silver/grey one is of the moon.
If this is not the type of material that interests you, what will?
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