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People who think that life in a metro city is fascinating and interesting should also know the other side of the story. The scenes you watch in movies where actors are seen driving car and reading book in a metro are not the same in real life. Behind the scenes roads are blocked for a shoot and passengers need to wait if there is a shoot in a metro. So the real story is quite different as it is shown in movies. Today we decided to share struggles that every daily commuter has to face if he is travelling by metro or two-wheeler.
Here is the list of struggles that every daily commuter has to face in daily life.
You have to refuel your bike every week and in case you are travelling by metro then you have to recharge your card.
You don’t have an escape plan until and unless you are travelling by car.
Red light and queue is something that can piss you off and you might freak out when you are getting late for office.
You have to go through challans and fine if you are a daily commuter.
Traffic and waiting for metro is something which can irritate you every morning.
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Author - Amit Singh
Design Credits - Vikas Kakkar
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