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In the chilling winters kissing your partner is the best thing to do. Kissing is the one of the best ways to express your love to your partner. It is certainly not just a physical contact but also a way to express love and affection towards your partner. Every one of us has different style of kissing and if you really want to know the story behind every kiss, then you are the right place. Today we decided to share with your partner’s kissing style says about him or her.
Let’s check out the different ways of kissing and what it says about you
You love to be bit aggressive when it comes to kissing your partner on your bed. You are having kind of dominant personality.
If you love to kiss your partner with closed eyes then it means that you want to live that moment and forget about everything around you. You are quite passionate when it comes to loving your partner.
If you kiss your partner on hand then it means that you respect your partner and you show companionship towards your partner.
If your partner or you occasionally kiss on earlobe then it is a sure shot sign that you want something more while making love. It can be the first step of foreplay. You are a romantic person. Period.
If you occasionally kiss your partner on the cheek then you are kind of a person who at times shows love by giving a sweet kiss on the cheeks.
If you love to do French kiss then you are the person who wants to explore more about your partner. This kind of kiss is sensuous and passionate and one of the best way to express love.
Let us know in the comments section which kind of kiss you prefer.
Author - Amit Singh
Design Credits - Varun
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