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The story of an introvert is very simple; they don’t like the shit going around them. They prefer to be in their own shell and they love themselves. The best thing about introverts is that they don’t complain about things and prefer to stay silent. Though it is a universal fact that they speak less when they speak they speak sense. Today we decided to share how things are for the introvert in daily life.
You avoid people talking shit around them in public transport they always keep their music ready to enjoy.
You are least interested in social gatherings as they feel good spending time alone.
You don’t feel like talking on hours on phone for a work which only takes few minutes. They prefer to text instead of calling to any person.
The most exciting thing introverts do on weekends is sleep and no doubt they can sleep for around 15 hours.
You are the one who is responsible for any trip that is cancelled because they want to be in their own zone most of the time.
Their only soulmate is Chai, Sutta or coffee and you find your peace in these things.
One thing that makes you happy is when people talk shit around them is to give a punch on their face.
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Author & Design Credits - Amit Singh
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