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No doubt getting a job after completing your education is a tough job in India. The unemployment rate is increasing day by day and people are sweating out their blood to get a job. However, when you get a job, then it is the best feeling as you get independent. Then comes a different story which is of friends, who ask you for treat parties after you get a job. And the fact is that you cannot deny all these things because some of them are your Chaddi Buddy friends. So today we decided to share things that every person gets to hear from friends when they get a job.
Let’s see how it is like for people who hired for the very first time.
The very first thing you get to hear from your friends is that when and where is the party.
You might get taunts from your friends as your weekends are all about having rest and sleeping. You have no time to hang out with friends.
That one friend who loves to have a whisky or beer will be the first one to ask for a Daaru party.
Yes, then you have such chuddy buddy friends who will have their list prepared well before the salary date.
This is for all the guys who think that office is a hub for cute and hot girls which are no doubt a myth.
Then you have such friends who won’t mind saying that saving is something which you should not do as it is of no use.
They say because they think that all of your salary is of no use and the best option to use that money is to buy a new I phone.
Those friends who can say anything to get out money out from your pocket for a party
For them, you become the fundraiser if they are planning a trip to a hill station or some other place.
If you have also such friends then let us know in the comments section, what they said to you when you got your first job.
Author - Amit Singh
Design Credits - Vikas Kakkar
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