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Indian cricket team is in great form and under the captaincy of Virat Kohli, the team has also become a bit aggressive on the field. Being on the field and performing so well needs practice, dedication and bit of fun. And the best way to have fun is on the field and enjoying the game. The real bonding among Indian cricketers is seen when they call their teammates with nicknames. Yes, some of them had nicknames but then there are few who were given nicknames on the field. To let you know more about the nicknames, today we decided to share nicknames of Indian cricketers
Let's check out the list
His moustache and his style of enacting his joy on the field after scoring a century or taking a catch has given him the name of ‘Gabbar’. And no doubt this name suits him.
Initially, he was called Mahe which didn’t get well with the fans and the captain cool of Indian team became famous with the nickname Mahi.
The fast bowler who has made batsman roll with his in swings and out swings is known by his nickname Bhuvi and you might have also heard MS Dhoni call him Bhuvi from behind the stumps.
One of the most sensible players on field Ajinkya is known by the nickname of Ajju. He got this name from his friends and family. There is no as such story from the dressing room for his nickname.
Though he is also known as Sir Jadeja, however Jaddu suits on him because it is easy to say and we have also heard most of the Indian players take his name Jaddu on and off the field.
The man of few words, who has impressed the whole country with his bowling skills is known by the nickname of Ash on and off the field.
The most ‘Shaana’ player according to Yuvraj silently gives his best on field is also known by the nickname of ‘RO’
The star player Yuvraj Singh has made India win crucial matches in his career. One of the most loved cricketers and a fighter’s nickname is Yuvi.
And the last is of skipper Virat Kohli. Being a chubby child with big ears he got the name Chikku as he resembled rabbit by the name of rabbit in the champak series.
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Author & Design Credits - Amit Singh
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