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People usually think that being in stress is a state of mind, however, very few people know that stress is related to both mental and physical state. Most of us don’t realize the difference between stress and depression. To make you clear more about how stress is and how it can affect your health, we decided to share some of the key things that a person goes through while in stress.
Let’s check out what are the common signs that you are under stress.
If you have become a person who generally reacts to little things and gets angry, then it is sure shot sign that you are under stress. To get out of this situation try doing meditation and yoga.
Muscle pain is something which can break you and tear you down. And it is one of the most common signs that you are going through stress. To avoid muscle tension and pain you should work out and add recreational activities in your daily life.
If you are facing problems in falling asleep at night are a sign of stress, and to get proper sleep in stress, try to make a daily routine of waking and going off to sleep.
If you come across headaches at regular intervals in your day then it is a sign of stress which you should not avoid. Try to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day to avoid frequent headaches.
You tend to feel lonely at times and prefer to be in your shell. This is a common sign of stress as people usually prefer getting along with friends and family.
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Author - Amit Singh
Design Credits - Vikas Kakkar
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