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Staying health is one of the most important things in this busy world. This is for everyone who go to their workplace and also for the kids who go to schools. However, you might have noticed people who never fall sick or you can say in simple terms they are too healthy to fall sick. Those people are the ones who quota of sick leaves gets increasing day by day. It’s not like that they are god or something; it’s a simple fact that they follow few things in their day to day life.
Let's check out the list
To stay healthy you can do work out or do yoga. You have to work on your body to stay fit and gym and yoga can help you in doing the same.
The people who think that cleaning everything can help them to fight infection are wrong. To build your immunity you have to fight some of the bacteria in day to day life.
One of the most common reasons behind getting sick is not washing hands properly after you touch an untouched surface or after you ate. This habit can help you to stay healthy and increase your immunity.
The reason why they stay healthy is because of the fact that they get enough sleep. Main reason behind falling sick is lack of sleep. So try to get enough sleep.
Drink water on regular intervals which help you stay hydrated all day long. It can be helfful in fighting with air borne disease in winters.
Disinfect your phone and laptop on regular basis because the bacteria layer sits on the screen of the phone and keyboard of the laptops. To avoid infection disinfect them on regular basis
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Author - Amit Singh
Design Credits - Vikas Kakkar
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