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Water is a solution, when it comes to washing things like foods in day to day life. However, have you ever given a thought that there are foods that should not be washed? Washing food is a step that most of the people before making food which is a good habit, however there are exceptions and we will let you know about foods that you should not wash before cooking. The reason why most of us prefer washing foods is because the foods are stored at places that might get into which can harmful for health.
Let’s check out the foods that you should not wash.
#1 Eggs
The reason why you should not wash eggs because a special substance is put that covers the eggs that protect them from contamination by bacteria. If you will wash eggs then that cover might get destroyed.
Mushroom soaks water very quickly, so if you end up washing it, there are chances that it might absorb the water which will destroy the vitamin. So it is better to rinse them for just few seconds instead of washing them in running water.
#3 Pasta
You should not wash pasta because it loses its ingredients and starch in it. The starch in the pasta is the main component that gives the flavor to it.
#4 Meat
People usually think that to take of the bacteria from eat or chicken it is necessary to wash it, however the best way to kill bacteria is by boiling meat at low temperature. The reason why you should not wash is because the juice and protein get washed away if it is washed in running water.
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Author - Amit Singh
Image source - google
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