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Girls go through lot of things in daily life and it varies in different situations. It can be their life struggles from deciding what to eat to what to dress. Though men least understand how life is like for women, so make it easy for them, we are sharing some of the illustrations for your better understanding. Mary Park is a graphic designer from Los Angeles and has portrayed real life struggles of every girl in daily life with the help of illustrations. Let’s check out some of the interesting illustration about daily struggles.
Here is the list of illustrations
#1) This is how dating is like for girls
#2 When girls are on periods and life gives a tight slap to them
#3 This is how girls feel, that they look when they cry
#4 When girls try to mess with thier pets and they be like...
#5 When girls try to be on diet and they end up eating chocolates.
#6 This one is for all the feminist girls out there
#7 Hahahahaha when girl's better half try to act smart.
Author - Amit Singh
Image source - Murzz studio instagram
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