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Indian cricket team is in a great form and has made the country proud on international grounds. The core reason behind the performance is the fit squad, consistent performance and bonding among the young squad. Till date, 2016-17 has been a tight schedule for outstanding players like Virat Kohli who has faced (4803) balls and no one has bowled more balls than R Ashwin (7032). BCCI is planning to work on the rotation policy for the players after analyzing the tight schedule.These stats show that how tough the journey had been for these players. Today we decide to list the players who should be considered for rotation policy by the BCCI selectors.
Here is the list of 5 players who should be considered for the roatation policy.
The first player that should be on the list of rotation policy is no doubt, the skipper Virat Kohli. Since he has become the captain of Indian cricket team, he has led the squad tremendously. He has also made the record of winning most no. of series by any Indian captain. The reason why he should be given rest is that he has performed for the team both mentally and through his performance consistently in matches.
Hardik Pandya is a budding talent for the Indian cricket team and he is also like a gem that is worth and should be polished at regular intervals to maintain its shine. He has made India win crucial matches. The recent example is the last T20 in which he bowled the last over in a nail-biting match and made India win the series. Considering the fact that India has to go international tours in 2018, it is necessary to make some changes in the squad and give rest to key emerging players.
This man has proved himself that he is one of the best openers Indian cricket team ever had to date. Though there have been good openers in past as well like the legend Sehwag, however, he has the quality to settle in the crease and once he is set, he makes sure that he will help in making India score high scoring total or win the match for India while chasing the total. He has performed quite well in 2017 season and the reason why we should be given rest because he has been playing constantly in all three formats of the game.
The captain cool of India is one player who is active on the field as he is the wicketkeeper and he has to keep an eye on every single ball. With so much experience and is one of the senior players, he has also supported skipper Virat Kohli in crucial stages of the matches. One thing is clear that he will be playing the 2019 World Cup as mentioned by the team India coach Ravi Shastri that he is fit for the world cup. So to make him play the most important tournament, selectors have to take a stand and give some rest to the star player.
One of the key players in the bowling squad Bhuvneshwar Kumar has played the most no. of matches in 2017. For a pace player like him, it is quite necessary to have rest to avoid minor injuries. Because minor injuries might lead to becoming major, which is not good for the squad as he is considered one of the most experienced players on the bowling side of the team.
Let us know in the comments section, who else can be in the list.
Author - Amit Singh
Design Credits - Vikas Kakkar
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