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Photography is all about sheer talent and execution of clicking beautiful pictures. People usually think that it is quiet easy to click beautiful pictures, however only those who click photographs know the real story behind it and how difficult it is to click amazing pictures. Those who think that they can become a photographer by buying a high end DSLR camera, then you are wrong my dear friend.
The man from Brazil is a professional wedding and family photographer Gilmar Silva reveals the truth behind the magical portraits. By putting all his work on Instagram, Gilmar has shown the world that how difficult it is to click pictures and give it a perfect finishing touch with the use of editing tools. He has revealed a series Behind the Scenes in which he has shown what happens on the field. The series is named as ‘Lugar and Photo’ which means (place and photo). It shows at what level photographer go take the shot from the right angle.
Let's check out how he has revealed the story behind the scenes.
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Author - Amit Singh
Image source - Gilmar Silva Instagram
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