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With the rising cases of sexual assaults and child abuse cases in India, it’s high time to teach your child about sex education. You have to understand this thing that it is not a controversial topic and you are doing the right thing, if you are doing your bit to teach your child about sex education. Because most of the cases reported by the parents after a child abuse reveals that children are not aware of the fact what’s going on with them.
The main reason behind the child abuse is lack of awareness among children. You have to keep this thing in mind that people are cruel and they can go to any extent to fulfill their sexual urge. Let’s just end this elephant in the room and start being more open minded with children.
The question is what leads to child abuse and who is responsible? One thing is very clear that your child is not responsible because he least knows about how cruel the world is and how badly things are changing. To be on the safer side, being parents, you have to be on the safer side when and let them know the basic difference of good touch and bad touch.
Though sex education is being implemented in few schools, however, the hard truth is that even the teachers are least interested to teach children about sex education. You have to be on the front seat when it comes to teaching your child. You have to make them understand the difference between someone’s is touching to show love care and when someone is trying to touch inappropriately.
Now you might be thinking that how to start the conversation considering the fact that how you can talk about sex at a tender age with your child. Answer to this is that, are you waiting that something bad happens to your child and then you will learn a lesson from it. You should let your child know what issues he/she should confront to you.
We are not asking you to just go ahead and talk about sex with your child. We are talking about a shit that’s called ‘Internet’. Youtube is one of the components of that shit, so use it in the best way and make them learn through videos or through PPTs which are available on the internet. And if you cannot do this bit for your child then ball is in your court my friend.
Let’s make this children’s day bit special for the little budding angels and make this world a better place to live.
Author - Amit Singh
Design Credits - Vikas Kakkar
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