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Delhi NCR is under the blanket of blanket of thick smog and people in Delhi have complained of a burning sensation in the eye. The main problem that people in Delhi NCR is dryness in throat, coughing, itching in nose and itchy skin. The Chief Minister of Delhi termed the current situation as a “toxic gas chamber”. Delhi government announced that the odd-even car rationing scheme will again come into the picture for a week from November 13 to November November 17. This scheme came into the picture after witnessing the current situation of Delhi NCR and the Air quality worsening to 486, on a scale of 500. So to fight back the pollution, today we decided to share with you tips to fight back Delhi’s air pollution.
5 Ways To Fight Back Air Pollution
The air quality is worst in comparison to rest of the day in morning and evening. So we would recommend you to avoid morning and evening walk as the air quality is worst which can affect your health and tiny hazardous particles can also enter the lungs.
You can install air purifier at home to tackle air pollution for your children and grandparents as they are at higher risk in comparison to adults.
The best way to tackle air pollution at your home is by having indoor plants. You can plant trees like spider plant; golden pathos and Chinese evergreen (Aglaonema) are best air purifying plants.
People who are at higher risk are the ones who go to their workplace by using public transport. For them the best advice is to wear a good quality of mask such as - N95 air masks or N99 VOG mask which you can buy online and is also available in most of the medical stores.
To fight Delhi’s air pollution you have to be concerned about your diet because the normal diet that you intake won’t help you to fight pollution. So we advise you to eat balanced, healthy diet and eat fruits rich in Vitamin C, magnesium and honey in your diet that can help fight pollution and any allergy or infection.
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Author - Amit Singh
Design Credits - Vikas Kakkar
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