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After 1 year of demonetisation experts and politicians have been debating whether the step is a success or a failure. In a bid to curb corruption and black money, the Narendra Modi-led government had withdrawn Rs 500 and Rs 1000 currency notes from circulation on November 8, 2016. The agenda behind the policy was to crack down the corruption black money and move towards a cashless economy. The first anniversary is celebrated as ‘anti black money day’, however, several parties decided to observe it is a ‘Black Day’. Today we decided to share with you types of people you might have come across during
Here Is The List of Types Of People We Came Across During demonetisation
The one who tried to inspire people and let them know it’s just a matter of time, we can do bit for the nation.
The one who said that the step is crap and it will not help in growing the Indian economy.
The one who was not having any hopes from the government and thought that they have done what they thought was right.
The one who thought that things like this usually happens in a country like India.
The one who thought that promises that are made will make things get better, but what they got was disappointment.
The one who was very clear with this fact that one cannot understand the concept of demonetization.
The one who was optimistic and is still having this thought in mind that things will get better with time and the step is for betterment of the country to curb corruption.
The one who knew that something is fishy and there is something still in the bucket. And it was GST.
The one who was in tension and frustrated, and also thought this step is of no use.
Like, comment and share with your friends and family, if you have also come across such people.
Author - Amit Singh
Design Credits - Vikas Kakkar
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