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The wedding season is on and everyone around is busy in planning what to wear this wedding season. As we all know that the main problem while planning about the dresses is that we are usually in a dilemma that what we should wear on the special occasion. To let you know about what is the best option for you this wedding season, we will discuss two famous styles i.e. into western and ethnic.
Here is how you can decide which the best option for you this wedding season.
Indo Western is in trend and if you are planning to wear it on the special occasion like wedding or reception, then you are absolutely on the right path. The reason why you should go for Indo- Western dresses, this wedding season is because the time has changed and so does you have to style yourself in a way that can make you stand out. Going for a suit or draping an Indian saree is too old fashioned, so we will suggest you go for Indo-Western this wedding season.
The elegance and charm of Ethnic wear are in itself so classy that you can resist wearing it in different events of marriage like Haldi, Mehndi or Sangeet. The reason why you should prefer ethnic in such events is that the ethnic outfit looks beautiful and there are so many options for both men and women. One thing you have to take care off while you are planning to wear ethnic is that you have to decide the accessory that matches your outfit. Because that will be a cherry on the cake and you will look gorgeous, smart and beautiful.
Now its upto what you want to wear this wedding season.
Author - Amit Singh
Design Credits - Vikas Kakkar
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