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People in India party and if we say in Indian style, they party ‘Dil Se’. Forgetting about the worries and problems, we believe in living the moment. Though at times, we tend to drink so much that we are not in senses. You will get to witness people who will dance and they might roll on the floors. And some might call their ex after few pints of beer. Today we decided to share some of the things people say after they are drunk.
You might agree to all these 9 points if you love to go high on weekends.
1) When you think money is just a figure which will change after salary is credited.
2) You are always for a lookout for washroom if you love beer.
3) Friends are always concerned about their mates and when they say "Mere Ghar Pe Chal Le", They get such replies...
4) When you want to know the reason behind the break up.
5) When you get into fights and you feel like you are the real Don of the city.
6) When you get into fights and you feel like you are the real Don of the city.
7) When going live is the new trend on social media and you don’t want to be on the back seat.
8) When your business mind starts working and you feel that you are stuck in a corporate job.
9) When you don’t understand the idea of playing rock music or EDM.
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Author & Design Credits - Amit Singh
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