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Now the time has come when people hang out with friends and instead of spending quality time, they prefer to capture those moments. Mobile companies have also understood the trend and they are also introducing new selfie phones. There is nothing wrong in capturing the moments; however, there are few people in our country who have taken the selfie trend quiet seriously. They love to take selfies at awkward places which make them funny and hilarious.
Let’s check out how people in India take selfie.
The jugaadu guy who is not having selfie stick.
The real khatro k khiladi is doing on field reporting.
Paaji knows how to fool people in India.
When you are obsessed with selfie and you can do anything for it.
When you are not having selfie stick but you are pro at jugaad.
Because your love for partner can make you take weird selfies.
When you are social media freak and you want to post about every single thing that is happening in your life.
When earthquake becomes a reason for girl to pose for a selfie.
Like, comment and share these hilarious selfies with your friends and family to make them laugh.
Author - Amit Singh
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