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Diwali remind us of times when we used to sit with our family in the evening and enjoy delicious sweet dishes. However, with time things are changing and everyone is busy in their own world. Now it is time to change it and live the moment and make memories with friends and family. It is rightly said that food is one thing which connects people, so on this auspicious occasion of Diwali, we decided to share some of the delicious sweet dishes which you can enjoy with your near and dear ones.
Let’s check out delicious sweet dishes you can try this diwali
1) Gulab Jamun
It is also referred as Indian donuts and it is the best dish to satisfy your craving this diwali
The sweet, sticky and delicious jalebi are deep friend Indian sweets coated with sugar is mouthwatering.
#3 Rasmalai
One sweet dish that everyone likes in festive season is Rasmalai. It is prepared with condensed milk and sugar and few common additions are there like almond, coconut and pistas.
You can try Kulfi after you are done with your dinner and out with your friends for a walk.
#5 Kaju Barfi
If you want to gift someone then Kaju Barfi is a good idea as it is mostly everyone’s favorite.
Like, comment and share these delecious sweet dishes with your friends and family.
Author - Amit Singh
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