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Life in America isn’t normal as most of the people think. Not everyone in America live the Hollywood lifestyle. From this it doesn’t mean that way of living is not good out there, but it means that it is good for a middle class and above. There is no such place around the world that doesn’t have cons because of certain factors. Same is the case is with America; there is a dark story behind the glooming world. The photographer Barbara Peacock gives intimate looks inside across America.
Let’s check how American bedroom
1) Streets of America
My mom died when I was six. I have been chasing her ghost trying to feel close to her and to find out who I am. I hope for peace one day, to find love and to have a place to live to call home.
#2 Nito in Cambridge, Massachusetts
The story of this woman is heartbreaking which shows that how much probles she has to face in day to day life.
#3 Germaine in Westford, Massachusetts
I have lived a life of miracles, and I shall live forever, the flesh looks wasted but the spirit is alive and well.
#4 Elmer in Boone, North Carolina
I hate my bedroom. It's so crammed and small. But we waited a long time to have kids so when we are all together, I'm happy.
#5 The Chase family in Merrimac, Massachusetts
Life is tough for her as she is living her life with ashes that make things worst day by day.
#6 Karen and Christopher in Park Slope, Brooklyn
I have these thoughts that culminate in my head, it took me years to get these souvenirs. I just moved into this place and all I have is an air mattress, but I stack up pillows and read and write.
#7 Betty in Sweden, Maine
Working hard is easy for us, but unwinding down takes time. Electronics stay out the bedroom so we can recharge the natural way, in each other's arms
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Author - Amit Singh
Designed By - Vikas Kakkar
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