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WWE is a sensation and everyone loves to watch those fights. We all remember the times when legend fighters like Undertaker, Big Show, Triple H and Goldberg fought with each other. That music when the fighters made their entry can give Goosebumps. But have you ever given a thought how things would be if WWE fights will be turned into memes? Today we decided to share WWE memes that are funny and witty.
Let’s check out some of the funniest memes based on real life situation.
#1 That reaction when results are out and you are around uncle aunties.
#2 That moment when you cannot digest that she left you.
#3 When you want to just go out of the class
#4 When 'mirch is thoda zyda'
#5 When you just want to talk to her
#6 When you are allowed to go out but with some restrictions
#7 When you want to find that shit guy
#8 When you witness a dumb guy
#9 That moment when you have low scores in exam
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Author - Amit Singh
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