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Bollywood has always given tremendous movies when it comes to slightly portraying a major issue that is emerging in society. Every one of is well aware of the fact that how important English has become in the day to day life, however, one thing people don’t know that English is just a language. One of the Bollywood movies, ‘English Vinglish’ also touched a core of the issue in which a housewife is mocked by her children for not knowing English. On the occasion of completing its 5 years, let’s discuss what things we can learn from the movie.
Here is what you can learn form the movie 'English Vinglish'
You know that who you are and what things you are capable of, instead of focusing on other people’s thought, you should love yourself. After moving out of the house Sridevi loved herself.
If you are in distress and feeling sad for a certain reason, it is you who can make things better. Sridevi did the same; she fought against her odds and proved that you should fight your own battle.
You can only explore yourself when you come out of your comfort zone. Sridevi also came out of her comfort zone and started taking English speaking classes which made her a value her true self.
If you are determined and you know that you want to achieve a particular goal, then no one can stop you. Sridevi was determined about her goals and she did the entire thing passionately.
You should always learn to appreciate other’s deed as it is a good thing to do. That moment when Sridevi said that when women cook, it’s their duty and when men cook it’s their art is tight to slap to people who don’t know to appreciate housewives.
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Author - Amit Singh
Design Credits - Vikas Kakkar
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