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You might have seen bollywood movies based on boys hanging out and living their life goals. But interestingly today we have a whole different story for you. Today we decided to let you know about the movies that are based on girl’s friendship. These movies are both entertaining and a tight slap to the patriarchal society in India. It will inspire and also teach you few aspects of life that every girl should follow in life.
Without wasting much time let’s check out some of the best movies based on girl bonding.
This movie is the best example of female friends bonding as it perfectly justifies the situation that how women folk have to stand for each other as rock solid support at tough times. To fight against the misogyny and patriarch, Minal Arora’s (Tapsee Pannu) friend’s did everything they could do for her in the movie.
The story is a treat to eyes as the name of the movie; ‘Queen’ says it all. The bond between Vijaylakshi and Rani is one of the best things to cherish in the movie. The way girls explore themselves in the movie and understanding each other’s short story of life makes the movie realistic.
This movie is a must watch as it perfectly shows how women in rural areas find happiness in little thing and when it comes to handling the misogynist men in the society. They become support to each other and fight the stereotypes of the society.
Now if we are talking about movies based on girl bonding, Chak De India is a movie that any girl should not miss. Girls from different background unite together for the team and after bit of clashes they end up giving their best as a team and make the team win title for the country.
This movie is a pure entertainment as it shows the realistic side of friendship among girls. The witty and funny discussions they have and how they understand each other's problems will make you believe that how good bonding girls have in real life. Angry Indian Goddesses is a true ode to female friendships.
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Author - Amit Singh
Design Credits - Vikas Kakkar
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