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Big Boss Season 11 has started and as we know that the show is famous for creating buzz across the country and the melodrama which can be seen in the show. Big Boss is also known for its tadka and rules in the house, however; for one thing, which it is surely famous for is lovebirds in the house. People have witnessed number of relationship in the big boss house. The point is that you’ll be shocked to know that the love birds broke up after big boss.
Let’s check out the couples who broke up after big boss
The couple was in headlines for their romantic Jodi in the house, however, things didn’t turn up well between them and they broke up after big boss. The couple was seen hanging out after the show, but it was a casual meet.
The chemistry between both of them was so intense that people started to think that they might get married after the show. However, the destiny was something else and they broke up all of a sudden
The couple was known for supporting pillar for each other at hard times in the show. Love was also in the air even after the show, however; according to media reports, it was confirmed that the couple broke up after big boss.
Holding hands and talking at night became a usual sight in the show when they both started liking each other. The couple which made stories in the big boss for getting too close in a reality show broke up after the show.
We don’t know it was a publicity stunt or the couple was really in love with each other. The reason why these questions were raised because soon after the end of the show, the couple broke up and was never seen again together.
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Author - Amit Singh
Design credits - Vikas Kakkar
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