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The relationship seems like a fairy tale in the start, however, things change with time and so does your partner. You get to know about your partner’s likes and dislikes. The time comes when you find things bit annoying and often, you end up with a fight. Then the situation arrives when you think that break up is the best thing to do. Today we decided to share with you reasons why people usually break up.
Here is the list of reasons why people break up.
The most hearing breaking situation is when people have to go through comparative rejection
One of the reasons for breakups is lack of interest in a relationship and the thought that things are not the same as they were in past.
The time when people start to think that there is no spark in the relationship and dragging the relationship is not good.
People mostly want space and when they don’t get space in a relationship, they want to break up with their partner.
People usually stay in a relationship when they feel that the relationship will last longer, however, when they have a gut feeling that there is no future, they tend to break up.
So if you are also going through rough patch in a relationship, then go ahead and have a conversation with your partner.
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Author - Amit Singh
Design Credits - Vikas Kakkar
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