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People usually think that children face child abuse by the people who are elder; however, the hard truth behind it is that there are times when the friends around them abuse them by bullying. The mental trauma through which a child goes when he/she is bullied is something which can’t be explained in words. There are students who bully their classmates because of different reasons like one is introvert or making the physique of a child an issue and then making fun. There are also successful celebrities who were once bullied in school, howver they worked on themselves and they are well known celebrities. Today we will discuss about successful personalities who were bullied in school.
Here is the list of successful celebrities who were bullied in school.
The man who has won the maximum Olympic gold was once bullied because of his big ears. Phelps believes that you are known for your hard work and dedication, the more you work on yourself, and the more people will praise you for your qualities and not focus on little things.
The man who looks dashing and who has become the heartthrob of the nation once weighted 140kgs and all his classmates used to bully him for his physique. However, this man proved the world that you can transform yourself with time and you should not give the haters give a chance to bully. He is now a famous bollywood star.
The self-made man Raghu had a tough time in his school days, his classmates used to bully him, however, he went through that time period and now he has recognized as a personality in the industry that anyone thinks twice before speaking in front of him, because of his outspoken and expressive nature.
The handsome hunk Hrithik Roshan was teased for his stammering problem in childhood. Now the time has come when he delivers his dialogue in a movie with such grace that he has been appreciated for his roles in movies.
5) Rihanna
You might love the way Rihanna sings, but the journey has been not that good for one of the most famous singing sensation of the world as she faced racial discrimination during her childhood.
Bullying is an issue which should come to an end. For this school authorities should look after such incidents. And parent's job is to teach their children that let others think what they want to think and don’t get obsessed with others thought. You can only rise when you will fight the battle and this battle is bit tough but at the end, you are the winner, when it comes to becoming successful in life.
Author - Amit Singh
Design Credits - Vikas Kakkar
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