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Narendra Modi is a name that needs no introduction; the honorable Prime Minister of India is famous for his leadership. One of the most influential leaders in India, PM Modi has been in headlines for his world tour and building relationships with countries. Bollywood is following the biopic trend and, making a movie based on PM Modi’s journey is something which most of the people in India would love to see. His journey is quite inspiring, from being a ‘Chaiwala’ to becoming the ‘Prime Minister of India’. However, the question is which Bollywood star can fit in his biopic. Today I have listed actors who can fit in PM Modi’s biopic.
Here is the list of 5 actors who can fit as Modi in his biopic.
This man is a versatile actor and he can carry off any role like a pro. Be it a funny, serious or underdog role, Paresh Rawal fits in every character. The BJP MP can also fit in the role, as he is also a politician and taking off a role as a politician in a movie is something that he will love it. One core reason is. His face cut is similar to PM Modi.
The reason why, Amitabh Bachchan is the best man to work in Modi’s biopic is because, he has pulled off few enormous roles in movies like Sarkar, paa and pink with such grace that it seems that he will get into skin of the role of PM Modi and make the Indian fans believe that he is living the character.
Nana Patekar is the name in the Bollywood who needs no introduction. Nana Patekar’s dialogue delivery is the best thing about him. The way he delivers dialogue is something which makes him the actor to work in PM Modi’s biopic. The reason is that PM Modi’s oratory skills are quite amazing, and to match that level, Nana Patekar is the right person.
Tigmanshu Dhulia’s role of Ramadhir Singh in Gang Of Wasseypur makes him the good contender in working as PM Modi in his biopic because of his charisma, personality and looks. In short, he is having the “56 Inch Ka Seena”.
This man is known for his acting skills and versatility. Every time he enacts a character he puts energy into it with his experience. The reason why he is best suited for PM Modi’s biopic is that of his looks and voice. The energy he puts in the character is what PM Modi role demands on the silver screen.
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Author - Amit Singh
Design Credits - Vikas Kakkar
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