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The festive season Of Navaratri is about to come, it is the time when people in India celebrate the festival with great enthusiasm and excitement. People around the country worship goddess Durga and her different avatars during Navratri. The nine auspicious nights during Navratri has a whole different meaning for people who worship and do fast. During these 9 days, foods like meat, onion, grains, garlic and alcohol are considered inauspicious and unholy. Let’s check out delicious food items that you can try during Navratris.
Here is the list of food items you can try this Navratri.
It can be one of the best foods in Navratri if you are feeling low as the dish is full of starch and can help you to boost your energy.
This mouthwatering dish can fill your stomach when you feel like eating the sweet dish and also give you protein as it is made of milk and makhana which h are good for health.
One of the easiest things to prepare in Navaratri is food salad and it is also good for your health as it can provide you vitamins and energy you need all day during vrats.
This sweet dish is nutritious healthy and you can have it anytime during the entire when you feel like eating a tasty and nutritious sweet dish.
Though this dish takes a lot of time to cook, however, once it is prepared it can fill your stomach and you won’t feel the urge of eating rest of the day after having moong dal ka halwa as the dish is quite heavy.
If you are confused what to eat during Navratri then dry fruits are the best option as it can help you to gain energy. You can eat Almonds, pistachio, cashew nuts and kishmish.
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Author - Amit Singh
Design Credits - Vikas Kakkar
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