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Time flies and when you are in a relationship, everything around you seems beautiful. A relationship is all about love, compassion and reinventing each other. With time you understand, how things work in a relationship. Even if you are not giving much time to your partner, the spark in the relationship remains alike as it was in past. The feeling when eyes start speaking more than words in a relationship comes with time. Today we are going to discuss sure shot signs that you are in love for a long time.
Here is the list of 7 sure shot signs that you are in love for a long time.
You understand that your partner is having friends to meet, party to attend and at times go on a vacation. You love to see your partner, spending time with their friends.
You know that your relationship is working, and you can express your feelings without giving a thought about it and let your partner know that things are not going according to you.
You understand what your partner is expecting from your side and being on the other side, at times you do things just to make your partner happy.
Taking out time for your partner, is one thing you look after in a relationship. Love is in the air when you meet your partner, after a long time. Everything seems beautiful around you when you meet.
That moment when you are sitting idle and listening to sond. And thinking about your partner.
In a healthy relationship, disagreements are normal, because avoiding it can make things worst, as it will ruin your relationship. You speak your mind and express freely and honestly because communication is the game in a relationship.
Relationship is all about trust and if you trust your partner, then you are in a healthy relationship. Trust is something which comes with time and love becomes more passionate when you trust your partner.
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Author - Amit Singh
Design Credits - Vikas Kakkar
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