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Being a man in a society is difficult in this cruel world. Since childhood men are taught to live their life in a structured form, whether it is deciding the color he should wear or the game he should play. There are men who respect women so saying that every man is the same everytime is not accepted and just because we are not that much open with our fathers and are connected to mothers, one cannot say that we are momma's boy.
These are 5 stereotypes men have to face in daily lives.
1) Men's don't cry
There were times in our childhood when we were told that don't cry like a girl. And then the society told us that we can't cry because men don't cry. Till date, I don't understand that why men should not cry, they also have feelings and sometimes they also feel shattered.
2) Men's drink
If you are going to a party and if someone is offering you a drink and you are denying it you are not men. According to the society, you will be considered men only if you drink. People don't understand that men have their own priorities and not drinking alcohol is their choice.
3) Wearing pink is girlish
Since childhood we are taught that blue is for boy and pink is for girl and man cannot wear pink. People have to understand that if a man likes wearing pink it's just because it's his choice and he thinks that pink suits on him.
4) Men always flirts
Most of the time people are being judgemental when it comes to flirting, men who are friendly with women are also considered as they are flirting. If a man is being too friendly that doesn't mean he is flirting or hitting on you. It can be his nature or he has been brought up that way.
5) Men have to be physically strong
According to the society, a man should be tall, dark and handsome. The man has to prove his masculinity through his strength. He has to be physically strong because he has to prove that he is a man in the society. But people have to understand that physical strength is not only the criteria for being a man.
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