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Traveling in Indian Railways is fun, not because of the journey and fun in the train. The journey becomes more exciting when we get to eat delicious foods in Indian Railways. Be it any junction, it will have a specialty and you cannot resist to eat, even after you are asked, not to eat food items which are sold in stations as they are unhygienic. Today we will be sharing with you famous food items that you try in Indian railways while you are traveling.
Here is the list of 9 famous food items sold in Indian railways.
Petha of Agra junction is famous and if you are planning to go to Agra, then make sure you eat them and take it for your friends and family.
The tasty chole bhatture from Jalandhar Junction are spicy and the chutni served with it makes the food tastier.
The batata vada at pune junction is sold all day and people in Pune love it as they frequently travel in local trains and they get to eat batata vada on a fine morning.
Most of the people have tried Poha, however the speciality of Poha at Ratlam Junction is that the ingredients used in it make it tasty and is a must try.
Mirchi Bajji is one of the most popular food items in Rajasthan, and the popularity is justified as it is both spicy and tasty.
The delicious Rabri on Varanasi junction is famous for its taste and the desi feel you get when the rabri is served in a kulhad at the station.
The refreshing Lassi is a must try at Chandigarh junction if you are traveling to in summer season.
The taste of Peda from Matura is mouth watering and eating them is a whole different feeling as you will get different flavors of Peda in Matura Junction
The spicy mixture of peanuts and muri makes the Jhaal muri spicy and you can try it, if you are traveling in the morning from Howrah junction.
Like, comment and share these delicious food items with your friends and family, so that they can also try next time while they traveling from Indian Railways.
Author - Amit Singh
Design Credits - Vikas Kakkar
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