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Things are quite exciting in childhood for younger siblings, however with time the excitement decreases as younger ones are only meant for doing household works. Be it cleaning, shopping or managing every little thing, younger sibling is responsible for it. Younger ones have to deal with these things in a family. Today I will discuss how things are not that exciting for younger siblings in a family as I know how it is like to be the younger one.
Here is the list of situations younger siblings have to come across in a family.
The younger one has to manage every single thing in the shadi season.
Summer season is all about filling water bottles.
Younger one is meant for doing all household works.
Younger ones are not allowed to watch television according to their interest in a family.
When it comes to cutting vegetables, younger siblings becomes the savior.
Diwali is all about cleaning stuff at house for younger siblings.
For younger siblings, Saturdays be like working for the government official who works on Saturday.
You cannot sit idle at home, and parents know how to get their job done.
Like, comment and share if you are the younger one in the family. And if not younger, share with the younger ones to let them know how much they have helped you.
Author and Design Credits - Amit Singh
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