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People enjoy the trippy songs when they are high and one cannot deny the fact that they become quite creative. They will sing, dance and groove on the beats but in case if they are at their place creativity takes a different route. Creativity is seen in some other aspect and today we will show you how people who were high shown their creativity while preparing food.
Here is how people around the world have shown creativity on food when they were high.
#1 When they thought that toothpaste is a better subsititute
#2 When they thought that they can make deadly combination.
#3 When eating nachos seems interesting with them.
#4 When they thought that serving food in crocks will make the food tasty.
#5 When you show your deadly side by making such faces on buns.
#6 When you are hungry AF and try doing xerox copy of noodles.
#7 When their interest in geometry can be seen while they are cutting the cake.
#8 When they thought of making Pizza Hot Dogs.
#9 When they tried to become a masterchef but the results can be seen.
Like, comment and share these hilarious food experiments by people who were high as AF.
Author - Amit Singh
Image source - Google
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