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Being a journalist in India is a tough job; people usually think that a journalist usually expresses whatever they want without even thinking of masses. But the real truth behind it is that a journalist expresses opinions and beliefs just for the betterment of the society. Journalists are taught from the very first day that you don’t have to be biased and express your opinion in your piece, what you think is right.
Same was the case with Gauri Lankesh, Senior Journalist at Gauri Lankesh Patrika was shot dead on Tuesday after unidentified assailants opened fire outside her residence in Bengaluru. She was the editor of the Kannada Tabloid ‘Gauri Lankesh Patrika’. A brave heart journalist with a fearless and outspoken attitude voiced her opinions on the communal politics. Around 8 pm in darkness, unidentified assailants pumped four bullets into the editor of Kannada weekly after she had stepped out of her car and opened the gates to her home.
The journalist was a strong critic of communal politics and the right wing. She had been a strong advocate of freedom of the press and believed that freedom of expression should be given to the people across the country. Ms. Lankesh was convicted of defamation last year for a report she published on local BJP leaders. Journalists across the country are angry and few of them described Ms Lankesh’s killing as an attempt to silence those who believe in democracy and decency. After analyzing things, the chief minister of Karnataka Siddaramaiah said that three police team have been formed to investigate the murder.
Famous journalist Shekher Gupta expressed his opinion on Twitter and said, ‘Journalism is nothing without courage. Democracy is nothing without dissent. You had plenty of both #GauriLankesh You live on as inspiration’. #GauriLankeshMurder was the top trend on Twitter India. The voice of a journalist is murdered.
Rest in Peace Ms. Lankesh…
Your voice and opinions will remain in hearts of people across the country.
Author - Amit Singh
Design Credits - Vikas Kakkar
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