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A teacher is someone who guides us, support us and scold us whenever we are doing something wrong. We have grown up going through all these situations. Today students around the country are celebrating Teachers Day. Teachers are the ones who bring out the best in the students and inspire them. However, taking you down to the funny note, today we will discuss all the funny one liners which teachers usually tell students in school. These one liners will surely make you feel nostalgic.
Here is the list of 9 one liners that every student have across since childhood.
Every student in the school or college have heard this line from teachers when they get frustrated.
We all have been through that phase when a teacher in school wants to speak English even after knowing that he/she is not good at it.
That moment when all the students in the class starts shouting and making creepy noise.
Backbenchers are quite good at this and when they are caught they get to hear sarcastic comments from the teachers.
Saying this line so confidentially makes teachers astrologers as they are very clear about a particular student that they are worthless.
This line is used by every teacher around the world for every single class.
Teacher inspire us when they say that we can’t even pass in pre-boards and from the very next day we start preparing for the board exams
All the boys who loved to wear low waist trousers can understand how sarcastically teachers used to say this thing to us.
Teachers know how to make you do things what they want and the best way is to say that all these things will be discussed on parents teacher meet.
Happy Teachers Day!
Though these one liners are funny, but the respect we give to our teachers is from depth of our heart.
Like, share and comment about your memories or one liners by your teachers. And also share this amazing story with your teachers to make them feel nostalgic.
Author and Image Content - Amit Singh
Designed By - Vikas Kakkar
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