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Hong Kong is a place which is increasing in terms of population day by day, however the population is becoming a problem because of very little developable land remaining. ‘Coffin Cubicles’ is the name given to the cubicles. It is made to make sure that people get a place to live. This is only the alternative at this point of time and affordable for the people as the dark side of Hong Kong has made people live in ‘Coffin Cubicles’. The name is quite justified as the cubicles are quite small and people only live because they have no other option. An estimated 200,000 Hong Kong residents live in inadequate housing, according to the Society for Community Organisation.
The pictures are taken by Benny Lam who is portraying how people in Hong Kong are struggling to acquire even small and simple homes for themselves.
We hope that situation gets better in Hong Kong with time and people get a better place to live.
Author - Amit Singh
Image Source - NG
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