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Situation in Kashmir Valley is getting worse day by day. We get to know news about infiltration by militants in the valley. This situation disheartens us as the tension in the valley increases and people start feeling unsafe. According to news agency PTI, “In one such heartbreaking incident, an assistant sub-inspector (ASI) of police was on Monday was killed in south Kashmir’s Anantnag district, after militants fired at him”. ASI Abdul Rashid was fired at Mehandi Kadal when he was on duty without a weapon. The DIG of Police expressed his condolences through facebook page of DIG of PoliceSouth Kashmir by writing an emotional letter for Rashid’s Daughter Zohra.
Here's the heartfelt letter by Kashmir Police DIG on the facebook page.
My Dear Zohra,Your tears have shaken many hearts. The sacrifice made by your father will always be remembered. You are too young to understand as to why this happened.People responsible for such violence who attack the lawful symbol of the state and society are indeed insane and enemy of humanity. Your father like all of us represented Jammu Kashmir police force- a hallmark of valour and sacrifice.
Many of our police families have suffered and undergone irreparable trauma defending the common good for the society. All those faces and stories indeed create a rich history making us proud. We cannot forget our heroes, our dear ones with whom we lived and worked all these years. All these families are part of a great journey that JKP has undertaken serving the society.
Remember we all are one family at this critical phase. Every drop of your tear sears our heart. May almighty give us the strength to go ahead with our mission of rendering services for the betterment of the society. The vow that we have taken when we donned the uniform stands supreme. Let our sprit and commitment become the harbinger for change, let it be the message of peace and harmony for the fellow citizens. We will always cherish the memory of ASI Abdul Rashid as a true policeman who sacrificed his life in the line of the duty.RIPWith loads of blessingsAll ranks and officers of JKP
We hope that situation in Kashmir Valley gets better with time.
Author - Amit Singh
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