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Everyone loves to play with newborn babies around them, however very few people are aware of some unknown facts about newborn babies. Babies are born with set of qualities and skills which most of us don’t know. You will be shocked to know that babies can’t taste salt and they are born with no bacteria in their bodies. Today we will be sharing with you few interesting and weird facts about newborn babies.
Here is the list of 9 interesting facts about babies
If you are blessed with a baby, you can understand that how difficult it is to sleep at night. You have to make the baby fall asleep at night.
When babies are born they are having no bacteria in their body. However, with time bacteria starts growing.
Parents can understand the need for diapers as babies use more diapers in the initial months. However, the need for diapers becomes less when they are bit grown up.
Yes babies have more bones than an adult and they are quite flexible when they are born. The reason behind it is that baby’s separate bones fuse together into single bones as they grow.
Newborn baby has just one cup of blood when they are born. However, with time the quantity of blood increases in their body when they get proper nutrition.
When a woman is pregnant and is eating something on a regular basis, there are chances that the baby in the uterus will also love to eat the same thing, as they remember what they have tasted in uterus.
Newborn babies cry but they don’t shed tears as they don’t have functional tear ducts. However, they produce ‘basal tears’ i.e. the unemotional tear we constantly produce to keep our eyes moist.
Though newborn babies are born with a well developed sense of taste, however they cannot taste salt. They can taste sweet, bitter and sour flavor.
This thing becomes bit stressful for parents in the initial stages when newborn babies start to put everything in their mouth.
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Author - Amit Singh
Designed By - Vikas Kakkar
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