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A photographer can only understand how to portray the moments in form of photography. This time it is Santiago Borja Lopez who is a pilot based in Quito, Educor and is currently work for Educor Airlines. He is interested in doing photography, whenever he is off duty. He usually spends time in capturing moments from the cockpit. The view from the cockpit is portrayed in such a way through photography that it can make people crave for this kind of job. Such beautiful sights from the cockpit will surely make your day. The photographer has developed a strong passion for photographing storms.
The photographer believes that technique is very important in taking such photos, he admits that luck definitely plays a big role in the process. You never know when lightning is going to happen and it's so fast that you cannot try to capture it once it's already started.
Here is the list of pictures from Santiago Borja Lopez Instagram account
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Author - Amit Singh
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