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Traveling in Delhi metro is in itself a task in peak hours. You will also come across different types of situation in Delhi metro like someone is eating, listening to music, lost in his/her own world or people trying hard, to adjust in the metro. However, have you ever given a thought to this that Delhi metro also teaches us life lessons? Of course not! Being a daily commuter, I have observed different kinds of situation in Delhi Metro. Today I have listed funny and witty situations in Delhi Metro which teach us life lessons.
Here is the list of 9 life lessons you can learn from Delhi metro.
If you are traveling in a metro then make sure that you are not sitting on ladies seat, or else, you will come across situation in which a lady will stand in front of you and politely say ‘Bhaiya Ladies Seat Hai’.
If you are not punctual, then there are chances that you will miss the metro and you have to wait for few minutes and you might get late for your work.
You will come across girls who are busy in doing their make-up in the metro and not giving a shit about what people will think.
If you are traveling on weekends in Delhi Metro, then you will come across couples who are busy holding each other. And at that moment you might think that why you are still single?
At times you come across situation when you are running hard, however metro gates shut on your face. You will face such situations at last moment if you are traveling in the Delhi metro.
There are few people in the metro who usually eat and don’t give a shit about the announcement as they are quite hungry at that time.
The only motive of life is to live it as you want and few people in metro are proving it as they don’t care that few people might get disturbed and they are busy in enjoying the music.
If you are going to office in peak hours then you are well aware of the fact that how much you have to adjust.
People in metro in peak hours are in good form when they have to depart on their station and they can do anything to depart whether it can be pushing you or dragging you out from the metro.
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