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I feel that National Capital of India is growing and heading to evolution in terms of transport by introducing automatic metro trains, however, on the other hand, I come to know cases of the derailment of Indian railways. The game of justification is on and political parties around the country are playing the blame game.
The bigger question is where we are heading to; according to media reports, the reason behind the Utkal Express derailment incident was maintenance failure and negligence of the staff working on the track and they did not put a red flag or signal warning on the route while the maintenance work was going on. The driver was unaware of the fact that track maintenance is carried out which led to the derailment of 14 coaches of Puri-Haridwar Utkal Express which killed 23 people and injured 70.
Indian Railways is the world’s eighth biggest employer and such cases of negligence are not at all accepted. Today I will not discuss what political parties and leaders are talking about this incident. The question I want to ask is when the time will come when such incident comes to a halt and people around the country who are working will take responsibility to stop such incidents?
Now taking you down to the different story, in the same country, the national capital of India, Delhi, is introducing automatic metro trains. DMRC is all set to introduce driverless ride on Magenta line. Delhi metro is working successfully since 2002 and thousands of people are commuting daily. Plans of making Hyperloop, a technology which will make the travel just 30 minutes from Chennai to Bengaluru is also proposed By Elon Musk in India. The shocking part is that in one place of India, technology advancement is presenting the developing India and on the other hand, cases of derailment come in the news headlines still disappoints me and make me think that when things will get better.
Yes, I can say, India is developing but only in few sectors and few parts of the country.
Author - Amit Singh
Design Credits - Vikas Kakkar
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