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Have you ever given a thought that how things would be if food items can express them and talk about their feelings? Of course not… You are so busy in eating food that, you have never thought things according to their perspective. To let you know what food items will say if they get the chance express them. Today we are showing different food illustrations which portray how food items would express if they get a chance.
Here is the list of 9 illustrations of food items and their feelings.
1) Hey son! We can be the best when it comes to preparing salad
2) No doubt, we are the king and queen of kitchen
3) I can be your friend anytime...
4) We are nothing without each other.
5) Hey have some mercy, the milk is hot…
6) Yes I can fix everything…
7) I need you, don’t run...
8) Potato being honest to french fries.
9) And at the end, we can bring smile to everyone’s face.
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Author - Amit Singh
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